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South Asian Research Hub can be an effective mechanism for South Asian Climate Resilience

Mizanur Rahman, Arif Ull Imam Ishan, Fairooz Rashed Safa, Emrita Siddique Center for People and Environ has organized the South Asian conference on “Unfloding emerging...

Nature-based solutions (NbS) are effective for wave erosion protection in Haor

Mizanur Rahman Murta, as NbS is an efficient and effective means of wave erosion protection and flood-resilient livelihood generation for flood-affected communities of Haor islands...

Diploma in Bamboo Resource and Technology program in Nyabyeya Forestry College in Masindi

In a remarkable testament to his expertise in the field of bamboo resource management and technology, Dr. Jayanta Choudhury, Assistant Professor in the Department...

South Asian Conference on “Unfolding Emerging Issues in the Context Climatic Scenario

Center for People and Environ, LEDARS, BARCIK, CAPS, Danish Refugee Council, Daffodil University, IIARI India, Global Forum for Sustainable Rural Development, and Global...

Microclimate changing scenario of Teknaf is higher than Cox’sbazar district

Mizanur Rahman “Temperatures have risen at a rate of 0.0201 degrees Celsius per year in Teknaf, where the national temperature has risen by...

Fresh Water Crisis: Families Embrace Local Tank Idea To Save Water

Shahenoor Akther Urmi “This locally-led adaptation could be a solution for more communities but lacks support from governments ". “When it rains,...

Climate change is threatening the reproductive health of the coastal people of Bangladesh

Noor A Zannat Binta Mahfuz “ A lot of girls are involved in fishing for minnows. Anemia, irregular period, extreme period cramps, nausea...

Climate change exacerbates drought in Northern Bangladesh

Muhammad Abdur Rahaman, Md. Nahid Ferdous “ In Rajshahi in 2002, 43888 hectares of land were affected by severe drought which increased to...

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