Trees are most important for Earth


“ Earth is our Mother,Protect Nature,Save our Future “.

The trees are just very important. We all know that there are millions and billions of trees on Earth. As trees are very useful for us, people cut many trees every day for making furniture and all. People think that if they cut these few trees nothing will happen as there are lots of trees on the earth. But this is happening every day and every year.

We should remember that the trees are decreasing and the population is increasing. So we need lots of oxygen to breathe that comes from trees. We can’t breathe chemicals that are found in the air and that is increasing harshly. Trees absorb harmful chemicals from the air and give out oxygen.

Trees also deliver the excess water to the atmosphere which causes the rainfall. The trees keep the earth cool but the temperature is increasing day by day because we are cutting trees. Over the past 50 years average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in record history.

Due to this many bad effects are happening all over the world such as melting glaciers, early snow melting, and severe drought causing more dramatic water shortages, etc. Extreme heat waves have caused tens of thousands of deaths around the world in recent years. All these things are leading to global warming.

If we don’t want to face the harsh condition of global warming, remember –

Earth is our Mother,

Protect Nature,

Save our Future.

Trapa Choudhury, Class V, St. Paul’s School, Agartala


  1. Dear Trapa,

    A beautiful share with a message for all to hear .

    You are a treasure of a young person with a voice for Peace through environmental protection.

    We are proud of you Global Peace Lets Talk. Org


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